Bird Watching with Grand Touring

The Northern Territory is home to an extreme variety of birds, over 300 species, making the Territory an ideal location for bird watching tours.

Darwin city, surrounding suburbs, Kakadu National Park, Litchfield National Park, Buffalo Creek and Fogg Dam are idyllic locations to catch a glimpse of such birds as the rare Gouldian Finch and Red Goshawk.

Along with birds you can also spot wildlife including crocodiles, water buffalo, dingoes and wallabies, to name a few.

Grand Touring can tailor bird watching tours to your individual or group requirements and budgets.

Some Top Bird Watching Spots include;
Fogg Dam: located 70 kilometres from Darwin this is an excellent spot to see various water birds such as the Jabiru, Jacanas, Royal Spoonbills and Magpie Geese.

Howard Springs Nature Park: located 35 kilometres south of Darwin the Nature Park is an ideal site to spot the Rainbow Pitta, White-Winged Triller and Black Butcherbird.

Pine Creek: located 200 kilometres south of Darwin is the spot to catch glimpses of the Partridge Pigeon, Square-Tailed Kite and the rare Gouldian Finch.

Kakadu National Park: at the various sites in Kakadu National Park species including the Banded Fruit Dove, White Lined Honeyeater, Barking Owl and White-Browed Robin can be found.

Below is an example of an ideal Bird Watching itinerary;
Day 1: Beginning in Darwin first visit the Nightcliff mangroves, Lee Point Beach and Howard Springs Nature Park. Examples of birds to look out for during this part of the tour are Pied Heron, Blue Winged Kookaburra and the Radjah Shelduck. From Howard Springs the tour moves on to Buffalo Creek where birds such as the Mangrove Gerygone and the Red-Headed Honeyeater can be seen. The tour then returns to Darwin where the night is spent.

Day 2: Departing Darwin at 7 am and driving to Fogg Dam where numerous water birds can be spotted including the Royal Spoonbill, Magpie Geese and Comb-Crested Jacanas. The next stop is Windows on the Wetlands where you can view the wetlands and birdlife from a high vantage point and take in all the information the centre has to offer. Next is a stop for lunch at the Bark Hut Inn. The tour then continues to Kakadu National Park where there is the opportunity to catch sight of Red-Tailed Black Cockatoos, Partridge Pigeons, Blue Winged Kookaburras and Corellas. The night is then spent at Jabiru.

Day 3: The morning is spent taking the Yellow Waters Cruise where numerous water birds can be spotted. After the cruise the tour will go to Nourlangie Rock where Aboriginal rock art can be seen and various species of birds are found in the trees surrounding the rock. The tour then concludes in Darwin in the afternoon.


Of course you are not limited to this itinerary above, we can tailor an itinerary to cater directly to your needs. Just email our friendly office staff with your requirements and we can prepare you an outstanding bird watching itinerary.

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