Defence Service Charters

Due to Grand Touring's close involvement with domestic and visiting Defence, Grand Touring has received recognition under the DRSS (Defence Recognised Supplier Scheme) which was established by the Defence Materiels Office.

This recognition makes Grand Touring the first Passenger Transport Operator to be recognised under this program attesting to our commitment to Defence and assuring you of the highest standard of professional service.

No matter where you drop in within the Northern Territory and Kimberley, WA region. Grand Touring can provide your personnel's transport.

We can take you to or from any of the exercise and training areas throughout the Northern Territory and Kimberley.

Working with the Royal Australian Navy, US Navy, and many other worldwide Navies we have experience providing chauffeured sedans for CO's, shuttle buses for Liberty Transport, Duty Vans for ship's business and also Tour Coaches for crew excursions.

All our vehicles are air-conditioned for the comfort of you and your crew, and our driver's are professional and friendly.

Whether you are stationed in Northern Territory / Kimberley, or just passing through in transit, or for recreation & relaxation. Grand Touring can provide touring services tailor-made to suit your schedule or budget.


Charters such as to Mt Bundey Training Area, Kangaroo Flats, Bradshaw Station, etc. are also available. Email our friendly office staff for a quote to any of your training destinations.

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